Why Lockdown Is the Ideal Time for Virtual Apple Training

Why Lockdown Is the Ideal Time for Virtual Apple Training

If there’s anything we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that disruption spreads quickly in our interconnected world. And while social distancing may be the immediate reason for greater adoption of digital platforms, this is just an accelerating factor for the transformation that was already in motion.

For these reasons, forward-thinking businesses are looking on lockdown as an opportunity to prepare themselves for tomorrow. We know that the deciding factor in this effort will be people with the necessary digital skills.

In fact, government research shows that at least 82 percent of advertised job openings require some level of digital expertise. At the same time, a Deloitte study says that only 16 percent of executives believe their teams have the skills to deliver their digital strategy.

So with the UK already experiencing such a digital skills gap, and free movement potentially curtailed for the near future, where are these skilled people to be found?

Use Lockdown to Raise Your Game

Around half of all employers in the UK have applied for the government’s furlough scheme. And besides furloughed staff, there are also remote workers looking for something to fill the time they might have spent travelling or socialising. Digital training should be a priority anyway: but with so much extra time on our hands, now is the perfect opportunity.

As discussed earlier, the value of digital skills for businesses is clear. But there are also clear incentives for the workforce to develop its skills.

These are times of economic uncertainty. Crises tend to bring our priorities into focus, and many employees will be thinking about how to raise their status in the workplace. In parallel with this, workplace automation continues to gain speed. People with one eye on the future see the need to move away from manual tasks and into high-skill, high-value roles. Equipping these people with digital skills is a win-win for trainees and their employers.

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Upskill from Home with Virtual Training

Naturally, physical classrooms are not an option during lockdown. But just as people have gotten used to remote working, companies are now seeing the advantages of virtual training. Training providers such as ourselves have the infrastructure and training methods in place to make virtual training effective. And for many companies, especially those based in more remote areas, the benefits of virtual training will persist once lockdown is over.

The good news is that all our most popular Apple courses are available as virtual training. And to support the sector in this challenging time, we’re offering a 40 percent discount on virtual Apple training scheduled before May 31, 2020.

This offer applies to five of our most popular courses:

Seize this Opportunity for Apple Training

The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself, and investing in digital skills may be the single most valuable decision you can make at this time. From hard metrics like operational efficiency to soft benefits such as employee morale, training has proven rewards. So don’t miss this opportunity — get in touch to take advantage of our online training offer.