Become an Online Apple Tutor

Want to Earn from Your Knowledge?

We’re Looking for Apple Tutors. Can You Teach Online?

We’re already well known for our classroom and on-site training in macOS and all things Apple. Now we’re extending our training reach with a new online training platform called (small nod to Jimi Hendrix), and you could be our newest online Apple tutor.

What Are Tutorials?

Tutorials are short instructional videos that teach students how to do something. They are typically six to 10 minutes long. They are more detailed than a simple how-to podcast (these are free), but shorter than a full-blown course.

How Are They Sold?

Tutorials will be available to users for a monthly subscription on an unlimited access basis. It’s a bit like Spotify but for knowledge. They pay a fixed fee and learn as much as they can.

How Do Tutors Get Paid?

Tutors receive royalty payments based on how much airplay their content has generated. So the better the content is, the more you get paid.

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