Graphic of support staff learning about mac support for pc technicians

Ensure flawless device management with Mac Support For PC Technicians

As the adoption of Mac devices grows in education and office environments, the need for proper device management and security grows too. Our Mac Support for PC Technicians course aims to help IT professionals integrate and manage Macs on Windows networks through proper training.

Ensuring Macs work correctly, efficiently, and securely in Windows network is becoming an increasing issue for businesses and support staff. Supporting a Mac on a Windows network will be a secure and seamless process with the proper training.

The rising need to manage Macs on Windows Networks

No matter how many Macs are in your workplace, skilled techs are needed to ensure they’re seamlessly installed into a Windows network. The idea of integrating Macs on Windows networks is becoming less alien and more support staff require training to know how to manage and support these devices. One of the key issues for businesses is ensuring a high level of data security of all devices within their environment. 

Gain the confidence to support Macs on PC networks

As a PC Technician or Support desk specialist, the basic knowledge required for supporting Macs is as follows:

  • securing Mac devices
  • file sharing between Mac and PCs
  • configuring collaborative services
  • printing from Mac in PC networks
  • backing up content on Macs

Learn the fundamental skills needed to do all the above and support Mac devices in a Windows environment by taking our 2-day support course. The installation, support, and management of Mac devices will no longer be daunting.

With the help of our Apple Certified technicians, you’ll gain the confidence needed to “master the Mac” in your workplace. Get a walkthrough of the critical skills of Apple Device Management and learn about the features of macOS in relation to their Windows equivalent.

Mac Support for PC Techs was designed explicitly for experienced technicians who need to install and support macOS in their workplace. It’s ideal for techs looking to upgrade their skill set and bring more value to their workplace. 

Have a specific problem? Our ACT’s are always happy to answer any of your questions throughout the training session.

Business benefits of this course include;

  • Enhanced business data security
  • Guarantees IT team skills are up-to-date
  • Diversifies technological capabilities
  • No need to invest in using ADM

Personal benefits include;

  • Confidence managing a new operating system
  • Upgrading skill set to cater to industry needs
  • Building up core knowledge

This is an intensive PC to Mac conversion course, so a level of prior technical knowledge is a must. However, if you need some additional training, we recommend taking the Mac Integration Basics course.

After completing Mac Support for PC Technicians, we recommend delegates take one of our Apple Device Management courses. However, the relevance to your business may vary so be sure to ask our team if it would suit your needs.

Discover the fundamental skills of Mac support with our instructor-led training course. Delivered either online, or in our London based training office. View the course outline here.