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Influential Training Mac and iOS Course Builds Enterprise Skills

As the leaders in Apple training for decades, our trainers know the Apple curriculum inside and out. One complaint we’ve often heard is that students struggle to move from the macOS Support Essentials course to the more advanced Apple Deployment Essentials course. So naturally we decided to fill that gap. The result is our Apple master trainer’s own brainchild, the one-day bootcamp Influential Training Mac and iOS course.

Why Take the Influential Training Mac and iOS Course?

If you’re an Apple technician who’s taken macOS Support Essentials course, then our course is the next step towards enterprise-level Apple management and deployment.

On the Influential Training Mac and iOS Bootcamp course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of deploying Apple devices in an enterprise context. With that under your belt, you’re ready to take full advantage of the Apple Deployment Essentials course.

This one-day course, based on our Apple master trainer’s real-life experience of enterprise deployment, is exclusive to Influential Training. That also means competitive pricing compared to the official Apple curriculum.

One-Day Mac and iOS Overview

The course covers key concepts and practices in MDM, DEP, VPP, development, and security. There’s also plenty of Q&A time scheduled with our authorised Apple instructors.

The day ends with recommendations on how to move forward in your Apple deployment journey, technically and professionally.

All in all, the course contains a host of crucial information for aspiring enterprise Apple technicians. Furthermore, our small class sizes—maximum twelve delegates—ensure one-on-one support and the chance to raise queries throughout the day.

The Influential Training Advantage

Influential Training reigns as Europe’s number one Apple training provider. We say that because we’ve trained more delegates than anyone else: over 12,000 at the last count.

The secret to our success is four-fold:

  • Our trainers are authorised, certified, and experienced. So each is proficient in training and as a real-world Apple technician.
  • We run state-of-the-art training centres in London and Manchester. If you have a large number of delegates, on the other hand, you’ll benefit from our on-site training.
  • Find Apple official courses as well as our custom content, designed to meet customer demand.
  • You save with our best-value guarantee. That’s because we promise to beat any authorised Apple training provider on price.

Do you want to expedite your Apple deployment journey? Find out more on our course page, or contact us to pre-book your course.