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Apple Certified Trainer Neil Sperrings: Expert in Focus

With other Apple training providers out there, it’s fair to ask why you should train with Influential Training. We could mention our promise to beat any other Apple Authorised Training Provider on price. Or we could point out our modern facilities in London and Manchester. But really our advantage boils down to one thing: the trainers themselves. For that reason we asked Apple Certified Trainer and Training Manager Neil Sperrings how his team provides the best training around.

Early Days in the Apple Orchard

In an age when iPhones are everywhere, few remember the days when Apple was the underdog to Windows. That was when Neil’s life-long love of Apple began: in 1999, back in the misty days of Mac OS 9.  

“I actually started out looking after Windows systems in a further education college,” says Neil. “But they also had five Apple Macs in the design suite, so I started maintaining them as well. Then over the next few years Apple became more popular with the students. So the college kept buying more hardware and I transitioned to mostly working with Apple.”

The Road to Apple Certified Trainer

Neil continued in his Apple support role for five years. Meanwhile he attended various Apple training courses to sharpen his technical skills. But this didn’t satisfy his need to inspire others. He wanted to teach. 

“Having worked at a college, I’d always liked the feeling of being around people who wanted to learn. In that sense it was a natural move for me to want to teach,” Neil explains. 

For that reason, he took the rigorous training to become an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT). At the same time he wanted to continue his Apple support role independently. He achieved that by qualifying to join the Apple Consultants Network. Starting his own Apple consultancy business, he assisted schools, small businesses, and personal customers with their Apple technical needs. And finally he completed the hat-trick of skills with the Apple Sales Training certification. 

Why Real-World Experience Matters

Experience as real-life Apple technicians separates our trainers from the rest. Of course we give you all the official Apple material. But on top of that, you get the pearls of technical wisdom that our trainers have gathered over decades. 

“There are plenty of training companies out there, but some of them aren’t very aligned to what’s happening in the real world,” Neil says. “We’re more than just instructors—we’ve dealt with the technical aspects professionally.” 

Apple Training Should Be Fun

One of the reasons Neil got into Apple was its focus on accessibility. Apple is famous for making technology simple and engaging. 

In the same way, Neil designs the training sessions to be more than dry presentations. “We all learn better when we enjoy being in the room. And we get a lot of great feedback on that,” he says. 

“Rather than just standing at the front delivering a lot of information, we’re here to facilitate the learning. We encourage self-discovery and include lots of hands-on exercises.” 

To sum up: for enjoyable classes paired with real-world knowledge, Influential Training is the place to be.

Ready to learn? Speak to Neil and the Apple Certified Trainer team.