iPhone Microsoldering Course

Go beyond official Apple repairs with iPhone chip-level training.

This course is not available!

We have no 2020 dates for this course. But if you want to learn iOS hardware repair, we run an improved version of Apple’s discontinued Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) course.

If you plan to work in iPhone repair, our London-based iPhone Microsoldering Course is the key to your new career. This course provides plenty of hands-on practice, with all tools provided in a repair lab environment. We’ll also help you find suitable employers or start your own repair business.

Course Objectives

This iPhone Microsoldering Course will equip you with the skills needed to perform iPhone chip-level repairs at a professional level.

Course Duration

This course typically runs from Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm.
If you have work or other commitments during the week, we can arrange classes for weekends or evenings.

What You’ll Learn

You will start with basic repair skills for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8, and progress to advanced level. This includes practice with all the common repair tools and hands-on fixing of all iPhone parts.

Course Prerequisites

This course assumes knowledge of screen repairs and the ability to dismantle and reassemble mobile phones.

Course Benefits

We include the following benefits for those seeking further practice and career support:

    • Unlimited repair practice in a lab environment
    • Retake course modules at no extra cost
    • Ongoing telephone support after the course
    • Business set-up guidance for those who want it
    • Repairs pricing guidelines and example terms and conditions
    • Parts supplier lists and business plan templates
    • Accounting support, free for the first three months
    • Career change support, connecting you to employers
    • A free basic toolkit, free of charge

Basic iPhone Microsoldering Course Content


  • Basic PCB diagnostics
  • Short detection & removal
  • Multi-meter & fault finding
  • Parts sourcing & management
  • Fault diagnosis & troubleshooting
  • Tools & equipment guide


  • Schematics & technical diagrams
  • FPC connector repairs
  • Micro-soldering
  • IC replacement

Advanced iPhone Microsoldering Course Content


  • iPhone motherboard structure analysis, schematic diagram reading, and board view software introduction
  • iPhone boot circuit diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone display and touch circuit analysis, iPhone 6 display and touch fault diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone camera fault diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone Wi-Fi fault diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone baseband circuit fault diagnosis and repair
  • iPhone radio-frequency circuit analysis
  • iPhoneaudio circuit troubleshooting
  • iPhone charging circuit analysis and repair
  • iPhone compass, gyroscope and restore error analysis and repair


  • How to use typical repair tools like hot air rework station, soldering iron, ultrasonic cleaner, microscope, etc
  • Logic board fault finding, multimeter use, component voltage, and shortage check, chip desoldering, and black adhesive removing techniques
  • Chip IC replacement, IC reballing, EMI shield removal, and micro-soldering techniques
  • Remove/replace FPC connectors on the PCB, BGA IC reflow, IC repair, backlight fix, charging port connectors, SIM card connectors, battery connectors, Wi-Fi connectors, board SD memory card connector, multi-pin data port, multi vibrator, charging IC (iPhone) touch IC (iPhone) iPad mini touch connectors, iPad mini charging IC replacement
  • Motherboard bonding pad jumpering techniques, desoldering and glue removal techniques
  • Home button fingerprint repair and NAND flash memory replacement and upgrading
  • iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 common problems, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Comprehensive hands-on practice

We are not running this course right now.

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